The Original JAM IT Basketball System

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  • 42" x 72" Clear Lexan (bullet proof style material)
  • White Shooting Square and White Border
  • 30 Times Stronger Than Acrylic
  • Aluminum Trim
  • Adjusts 7' to 10'
  • 6" Square Steel Adjustable Pole
  • 48" Maximum Overhang
  • Safe Compression Oriented Crank Prevents the Goal from Collapsing
  • Installed 48" Deep in Concrete
  • Four foot in ground stem for easy installation and removal
  • Powder Coat Primer and Finish
  • Four foot in ground stem for easy installation and removal


    Adjustable Pole

    Don't break your back over broken backboards!

    Replacement backboards available for insallation!

    When Your Day is Done, Come Home and Have Some Fun With the JAM IT Basketball System!

    The "Jam It" Basketball system is a precision engineered unit that is perfect for every household. This is a NBA, NCAA, IHSAA regulation size unit, designed to replicate varsity basketball equipment so players are continually improving their game. It conveniently adjusts from 7' to 10' accommodating all players. Equipped with the "Break Away" rim, the unit is guaranteed to last a lifetime.